Time Only Packages: We believe that quality is affected from the first click of the camera all the way through the process of the lab making the final prints. Designed for those of you on a budget, oand the popularity of brides who want to make their own Wedding Album and want to spend the time making their own finished photographs. If you understand the process and want to handle these production aspects and outcome of the final product - this might be just for you. Time only packages will include anywhere from 300-500 images suitable for prints up to 5x7 size which is adequate for most modern uses. We will still be able to handle wall prints for you through the studio resource should the need exist. We will include up to 5 hours of coverage and provide you with a dvd disk. You will be free to use those images as you see fit. Please note that we are proud of our work and may also use these images to promote our studio. We have an interest in making you look great because when you look good... well...so do we.

For the most up to date pricing it is best to visit our newest site www.lansingphotobooth.com

Traditional Wedding Packages:

We do believe that the best quality is achieved when we work with the images from start to finish as we have control over the image all the way through. It seems like a lot of money to some but there really is a lot more work behind the scenes creating something as beautiful as a Wedding Album. Please feel free to visit www.lansingphotobooth.com for the latest information.