Hello, We are glad you found us. Wedding Photography takes a Special type of a person. Weddings are fun and there is a lot going on in a realitively short amount of time. Before you know it - something that you have been planning for a long time has run its course and all you will have is the photographs that have been created. Thoughtful consideration in choosing a photographer to record your event is something that can mean the difference of junky snapshots or photographs that express celebrate the love and emotion of your Wedding Day. The day is important enough to preserve these memories profesionally.
We offer over 29 years of experience backed with a photography degree in commercial / portrait photography which included training in lighting and posing. We hold many awards given through a professional orginization judged by other professionals.

We are dedicated to our craft to do more than just say we love it or it is our passion. Those words are often misused as some sort of a credential as well as how long they have been doing it. I feel that to be a true professional, by definition means "highly specialized training in vocation". There is no reason to say I have a passion or love something SO much that I won't take the time to gain a proper education of the craft.

Even an artist is smart enough to realize that to develop a natural talent is benificial to everyone. Refining the work, learning how to get the images on paper creates the difference between value and quality. Remember, you get what you pay for, in photography it really shows, but often after the fact when you have lost out.. People can claim to be professional and act like "love" and "passion" are some sort of credential to be used instead of what education and specialized training they have recieved. Seriously, if they love it that much, why did they think they were too good for proper education? I think you deserve to know so you can make an educated choice about something that you cannot change later. They don't want you to worry about that - they would rather get right to the price because they think that is the one thing they can tempt you away from a true professional photographer.

Hang on to your dreams and don't let them make you feel like it is about saving you a few dollars. Anything you save up front by not having the expense now is likely to make you pay later in dissapointment through the years for not having stood your ground. Your memories are yours to gaurd and your choices greatly affect the likely outcome.

There are many " wanna be" Wedding photographers out there that don't have the proper equipment or training and claim to have developed a "photojournalistic style", I will caution you to realize that it is often a misused word that actually means they grab and shoot. Without an education teaching them to work with lighting, equipment and portrait training... how would you expect them to know what makes you look good? What about consistancy? Photography is an Art and there is a definate foundation that needs to be built through education so that we can grow from it and bring equipment, lighting, posing, expression and much more all together into a moment of time for everyone to enjoy. All you have to do is seek out someone decicated enough AND trained that you can trust. If you feel pressured by people to go with a deal because it is cheaper, I would just ask that you remember that either way you pay now, or pay later. We enjoy Wedding Photography and most people realize it isn't that easy. Just because an amatuer enthusiast is just that. If I  loved surgery and bought a knife, would you let me operate for you? Training is the key. Unlike surgery, no one will die getting bad photography but it will sure feel like it if it happens. Especially if you did it to yourself. Please skimp in other areas but not the one thing that you will keep for years to remember your day.

What are the options regarding Photography? What is happening out there?
There are two common options . One is the tradditional wedding package and another called time only which has been pushed by amatuers and do it yourself type people who like a bit of hands on. involvement.

The Traditional Package - typically includes the involvement of the photographer from the beginning meeting with you and helping plan some of the photographs to be taken and the photographer knowing the flow of events. Acting on his experience to use the opportunities he anticipates and sees to capture images that you will select from at a later time for inclusion in your Wedding Album. This package has a higher price tag due to all the work at the Wedding and especially after as all the sorting, ordering, cropping, composing of photos occur to finalize them. The photographer is responsible for getting reprints ordered and making sure the lab prints the work properly. With this bulk price packaging it is easy for a amatuer to underprice a package and try to tell you how much he is saving you compared to a professional price.

In reality a trained Profesional can work more efficiently and effectively than a hack. To think they can do the same quality but for less, knowing they have no training is a mistake waiting to happen. It will be cheaper but it won't be the same. This is where they are asking you to substitute price for quality AND disquise it with quantity. A bunch of photos and for almost nothing? Think about it ...Wow ! almost too good to be true....Something for nothing.....

Time Only packages are for those who appreciate someone who can see what needs to be recorded, has the proper technique and equipment to get it the images recorded but will be recieved by the client for them to produce, enhance and share with others without the higher cost of profesional reprints. Many people like to play with images, put them on the computer, scrapbook and give prints away to their friends and family while saving a larger portion of money compared to regular Wedding Packages. Quality starts with the photographer and you need strong images to work with even if you print them youself.

The responsibility of the photographer is to deliver a disk of images and the client is responsible for the prints that they make on their own. Often times a photographer can deliver a disk of images on site and will be finished from the project once delivery is made. It is a more economical choice than the previous choice and still a better choice than just having an uncle photograph the wedding. The Bride knows she will have access to all the photos that are recorded so there is no reason to have to compete with other people at the wedding to get the shots. There is a difference in quality than what we can get at the lab but the overall results are better than if you were just trying to print a friends images since we would try to refine the shot with composition, lighting , angle etc. There is a difference in consumer paper and professional print paper. We don't have total control over the product but since other people are pushing this technique we need to offer it also but we want you to understand the differences to make an educated decision. We would love to do the work for you, so we are making efforts to be competitive Time for a new page. Click here to go to Wedding Page 2 which will provide more examples and some pricing information.