There are many types of Senior sessions that we schedule. One of things you will have to decide is what kind of photographs are you likely to order. If you would like outdoor photographs in addition to inside photographs or just a few head and shoulder type photographs we can work something out for you. The idea on our sessions is that unlike other studios that charge by the number of changes of outfits - we are basically charging for how much time is required based on your preferences.

We can stay inside, go outside or both, you just have to let us know what you have in mind. We can do so many things it is good to kinda figure a few outfits out and see what we can do. The neat thing is that now we can do so much even without leaving the studio. We are building our library of backgrounds now that our system is running and we will have hundreds of backgrounds available where most studios only have a handful. If you have a special hobby we might be able to enhance a scene in a way that no painted background can.

Certain times of the year and even different times of the day provide better lighting conditions for portrait work. We can help you figure out what kind of outfits seem to work better and offer you some advice regarding what not to wear. Everyone is looking for something special. If you would like to incorporate your hobbies, sport memorabilia, instruments or something else special, it would be great to talk to us about it to see what we can comee up with . The bottom line is that We'll try to photograph anything you want as long as it is something you are likely to order. We could spend all day going all over town to do photographs that are interesting but not something you are likely to order.

Although we are not rigid it is good to have a few ideas discussed so that when we go out we can be efficient and get it done for you. With a little preplanning we can shorten the amount of session time and increase the likelihood that we can meet your goals. It doesn't hurt to be efficient with time so that we can capture natural expressions without worrying about a tired smile. Basically, these are the types of rates we are usually working with:

We have a mini session that is designed for those who need only a few photographs to choose from such as a head and shoulders photograph. It is straight forward photography session without background changes and the variety that we offer with our other sessions. We allow about 15 minutes for one pose, one background, one outfit. During the session and will record up to 12 photographs from which you will choose. 45.00

We have the regular Senior Session which we will provide apx 30 photos to choose from based on clothing changes within 45 minutes to an hour maximum studio time. We can create formal, casual, closeup 3/4 length photos in the Studio. Usually we suggest bringing at least 3 changes of clothing to work with. With our instant proofing we can show you how you are smiling and the feedback allows you to make changes to your appearance during your Senior Session. This puts you at ease and lets you smile more comfortably with confidence as we work together to make something unique for you. 60.00

Seniors may add an outside session for only 20.00 per location with the above session. This will allow apx 20 minutes on location such as the park, island or nearby favorite spot. We can go farther if required and cost can be quoted.

Our New Inside Out Series is a session Add On which is either an upgrade or add on used to create enviromental photographs taken inside the Studio but look like they were taken Outside the Studio enviroment which would not normally be available. It is a unique way to create our own reality and improve the look of your portraits. Instead of just having a plain blue background used with your band instrument we can now make it look like you are out in a big stone hallway with arches so that it looks more natural and interesting. For a limited time we will be using this system without additional cost for any normal session or higher. This will provide us with more samples of our work to show in the future but allow you more choice and flexibilty in your Senior Session. This is something that I don't think you'll find anywhere in this area.

We are attatching a PDF file which is a copy of our price brochure. It is nothing fancy but represents flexibility and value. We produce higher quality work at an average to lower Professional Studio Price. Remember, you get what you pay for, if you want something to look great you wouldn't automatically choose something that is cheap. People can tell and if you really weren't planning on spending some money you would be trying it yourself. You know it isn't that easy so we are here to help accomplish the goals you have in mind at a reasonable price.

Senior Price PDF Download

Here are some Complimentary Cards we created for actual Clients from actual sessions. They ordered the prints they wanted and then we created these little cards our clients could pass out to people that might need our services in the future. We figured if our clients like our work and wanted to share it - we figured this is a great way to meet new people. We are always looking for unique opportunities. Who knows, if you dont't mind .you might end up in a promo like this.

So until we get a little more info to post, this is it on the Senior pages. We need to go work on posting Wedding Pages but in the meantimeplease don't hesitate to call us with your needs or quetions regarding our services. We just wanted to show you what we have been working on and show you how we are different. We look forward to hearing from you and be sure to check back with us often as we are still building this site. Thank you. If you would like to get on our mailing list Send me an email. Be sure to include your emaill, interest in photography and if it is a senior graduating the year, name and phone if you would like. We are still working on a for you to submit so form now. so send it to:

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