Welcome -We are proud to be able to show you our work. It stands out for a several reasons. We are a Storefront Professional Photography Studio. This means we have been educated in lighting, posing, equipment and the art of photography. We hold a Photography Degree in Commercial and Portrait Photography. We aren't just another wanna be amatuer "posing" on the Internet. There is a lot of them trying to Act like a Pro just to take the work away from the Pros. It is a bit deceptivefor them to elevate themselves without any credentials so we are calling them out.

You deserve to know the truth . We are listening to what you want and we have the knowledge, equipment, training and equipment to please you. For over over 29 years we have been enjoying the interaction and the creation process with Seniors. It is extremely gratifying to create something so personalized. I think we have around 16 or so Photography Awards....And this year won two People's Choice Awards one for Best Photographer and one for Best Photography Studio. I would like to thank you for your support not only in the past but the future. We really do look forward to new opportunities and stopping time, if only for a moment.

As the little video to the left plays, I'd like to take a moment to introduce you to something quite amazing We have a unique backgrounds that you will find nowhere else. Using our technical background and experience we were able to create all these photos IN the studio. We are turning things Inside Out ! All the photos were done in the studio and in the future we will be adding more examples soon. This is a very unique system we built for you.

We are announcing our new Inside Out Series. We still go out to the Ledges or other places but this great session addition blends variety and our unique style for almost limitless possibilities. We want to be different from the rest and still offer you the best value and quality.

Why just have to put up with a run of the mill blue or grey background when there is so much more that can be done? We have unique backgrounds only available through our studio. During our Sessions we try to create photographs considering many factors such as the clothing, activity or style that brings out the best in you. Most Studios only have a few backgrounds to do this while we have Hundreds of possibilities waiting for you. Just look at the resullts. Remember that we still go outside when we can but there is a lot we can do even when the weather is bad. And many of these looks you can't even get locally or even outside because of how they were created. For years the amatuer has avoided the studio because they don't know lighting. They scoffed at the "stuffy" studio stuff (you know, stuff like knowing lighting and posing to make you look good) and tried to get you to go to a park usually because they didn't have a studio anyway. The result was snapshots that were just like vacation snapshots. The place is nice and you can imagine how nice it was but in reality...The people in the Snapshot were usually posed awkwardly, the lighting terrible or left you wondering what they heck they were doing. The loose casual style was unrefined and whether or not you bought the snapshot, it was NOT professional quality.

By now you are realizing that lack of training does show up in the photographs. It is not just the canvas you are buying but the artist that uses his tools and techniques to render his work. In other words, even if you have a nice paintbrush it still won't get it on paper without the artist. The tools we use are very difficult to work with as everything has to be done right, to look right. A loose uneducated style is not the approach needed to produce these kind of photos consistantly with great results.

Just so you know, we don't think we are perfect, we are not. It just takes a lot of skill to do this and we firmly believe that saying you "love" or "have a passion" for photography is not a credential. We work hard to do our best for you and we simply don't understand how these new amatuer studios claim to be able to do professional work. With that kind of reasoning I would be able to open a hospital and operate on people just because I bought a knife. I guess I will have to do what they do and offer "cut rate" deals and hope someone will trust me. All the while knowing that the public assumes that if I have a studio I know what I am doing. It is truly buyer beware out there and I feel you deserve to know this....Okay, back to what we do.... I'm off the soapbox on this for now

Okay, now a little about our website. Have you noticed the little floating Item on the right side of this window? It floats towards the middle of the window as you scroll down. It is a floating menu and when you click on it you will see it open and the options to navigate this website will be revealed. You are now on the main page for seniors. If you click this link: Senior Page 2,, or use the menu, we will take you to a new page so we can explain our sessions, options and the preparation that will help make sure you are ready for a sucsessful session. With a little planning we can work together to create something for you to treasure for years.

After all, when you look good WE look good. We are getting ready to take you places you have never been before.